Creating a Table of Authorities
1. Make certain you work in "Reveal Codes" mode. To turn on Reveal Codes, click on "View," then click on "Reveal Codes." (Alt-F3)

2. To create a TOA, right click over any toolbar and turn on the “Legal” toolbar. Click on the Scales of Justice to open the TOA menu.

3. Select the cite in the body of your document. Click in the upper “Short Form” box under “Create Authority” the selected cite from your document will appear in the “Short Form” box. Select the type of “Authority” from the drop-down list , for example, "Federal Cases" and click on “Create.” A new dialogue box will appear. Edit the citation so that it appears on screen exactly as you wish it to appear in your TOA. When finished click on “Close.” Repeat once for each citation, use the Reveal Codes window to make sure you do not highlight any extra formatting codes.

4. For each cite in the body of the document, you must create a TOA entry. Highlight a full cite in the text. Select any duplicate cite in the document and using the lower half of the open menu listed as “Mark Authority” select the appropriate “Short Form” from the drop-down list and click on “Mark.” In the Reveal Codes window, a code labeled "TOA" will appear. Repeat for each duplicate citation.

5. Position the cursor in your document where you would like the list of authorities for a specific source to appear.

6. Type the name of the source as you normally would when creating at TOA, then type in two hard returns (your Enter button). Click "Define." Highlight the source in the list, then click "Insert." "<< Table of Authorities will generate here >>" will appear in your document. Repeat this step for each type of source you cite.

7. When you want the TOA to be created or updated, click "Generate" on the TOA Toolbar. Note, the Generate command will also generate the TOC at the same time.

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